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Hello, I am Katrina Davis, a Life Coach, Tapping Practitioner & creator. My mission here is to help women processing divorce by providing downloadable worksheets, tool guides and more. 

On a dark and dreary November night I was served with divorce papers. This was devastating for me. I felt fear, overwhelm, anger, rejection, loneliness and more. I wondered how I was going to get through this.

Maybe like me you are:

Wondering “who am I”

Questioning where your energy went

Struggling with paralyzing overwhelm, anger and fear

Frozen in place and unable to move forward towards your dreams

Unkind and hurtful thoughts creeping in saying you aren’t good enough

At birth I was adopted into a family that did not provide safety or model healthy relationships. I internalized it and it directly affected my own marriage.

I felt like I didn’t measure up and this fed my feelings of “I wasn’t good enough” and I felt unworthy, unaccepted as myself and under-valued. I spent years in my own unhealthy marriage, trying my best to live up to unrealistic expectations and ignoring my own needs.

After I was served, I realized I was tired of having people in my life that didn’t support my goals and dreams and this gave me the chance to reimagine my life.

I learned:

More about when to say yes and no

To maintain my boundaries even when others weren’t happy with it

I finally learned “I am enough” & “I am valuable”

I could have healthier relationships

What I want in a partner and if it wasn’t a good fit to be willing to walk away

With time and tools, I learned I could go on and continue to create my dream life.

One of my dreams after divorce was to buy a house and I did!

Other Fun Facts Are, I love:

WOO & Amazing energy 

Drives & Beautiful Scenery

Seeing & Experiencing Joyful Happenings

Now it is my passion to help other women process divorce so they can create their dream life!  

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" I was surprised by how much value and insight I got from Katrina's Values Exploration Worksheets & Guides. I spend so much time and energy on things that just don't matter that much to me. It feels good to start focusing more on what really matters to me. "

B. J.

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