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My mission is to help women Processing through divorce . . .

I am Katrina Davis, a life coach, tapping practitioner and creator, providing downloadable, worksheets, tool guides and more.

Whether you're thinking about divorce, just been served, in the middle or struggling after divorce and want to move on, using tool guides, worksheets and more are helpful to process it.

I know and understand the pain and overwhelm of going through divorce. I've been there!

Maybe like me you are:

Wondering “who am I”

Questioning where your energy went

Struggling with paralyzing overwhelm, anger and fear

Frozen in place and unable to move forward towards your dreams

Unkind and hurtful thoughts creeping in saying you aren’t good enough

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More Coming

"I was surprised by how much value and insight I got from Katrina's Values Exploration Worksheets & Guides. I spend so much time and energy on things that just don't matter that much to me. It feels good to start focusing more on what really matters to me."

B. J.

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